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  • Who’s The Boss… a Wedding??? December 4, 2013
    Who’s the boss when it comes to your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas? Is it the Bride and Groom??? The mom???? The Maid of Honor???? The Bride’s sister???? The Venue????? It can sometimes be confusing for a DJ when a half dozen different personalities rush into the DJ area during an event firing demands off […]
  • Smoking at Weddings March 27, 2013
    Lots to consider when planning a Wedding; what venue to choose, what menu items, bar package, décor etc. Your tastes and desires should be fulfilled, but so should the desires and pleasures of your guests. We recommend you not enforce your personal inhibitions or distastes on your guests. If your guests smoke and drink alcohol […]
  • When the Guests Leave Early December 26, 2012
    Unless your Wedding Guests all came in a Party Bus together, there may be cases where your family will leave your Las Vegas Wedding Reception early. The reasons could be many; some personal, some not. We have heard of cases where the family “blames the DJ” as a reason for guests wanting to leave sooner […]
  • 10 Ways to Have a Great Time At Your Wedding Reception August 9, 2012
    Being a Wedding DJ in Las Vegas gives us access to all the Wedding Venues of Las Vegas. We get to see families rich and poor, elegant weddings, self-proclaimed “Redneck Weddings”, American, European, very young couples, older couples and more. Below, please see our list of the Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Time […]
  • Giving the Toast…… July 29, 2012
    Giving the toast at a Wedding is a big deal. It is the moment of recognition and acceptance of your marriage by family and friends. The toast is usually given by the Best Man and Maid of Honor after dinner, but may also be given by siblings, parents, best friends etc. Some families do “multiple […]
  • Should I Get Open Bar???? July 9, 2012
    One question you will face when planning a Wedding Reception in Las Vegas is should I get Open Bar (or more discreetly referred to as Hosted Bar.) Simply defined, will you buy the drinks for your guests at your Wedding Reception or will they buy their own. I can tell you first hand; parties with […]
  • Wedding DJ Prices June 12, 2012
    In a world full of explosive technology, money goes fast. More and more of our dollars go to fancy cell phones, high speed computers and HD Cable TV which may leave less money for Entertainment, Fancy Vacations, Extravagant Weddings (or tips!!!! Ha. Ha.) For many situations in our life, we always look for “the cheapest.” […]
  • What Makes a Great DJ??? May 25, 2012
    To put it simply, what makes a DJ great is having the ability to pick the right music at the right time. Young Club DJs in Las Vegas will tell you something different, but take it from someone that is a musician and someone that studies human behavior. Very few people can go full throttle […]